Corazón de Arena

Every company should have a social action to improve the world and we want to be an example.


Corazón de arena is our international project - we create schools in the poorest areas of the Moroccan desert that share border with Algeria, with a team installed in the area to cover all the needs of the most needy.


But this is still not enough!


We give conferences throughout the national territory with our project, human values ​​conferences where we explain our work with Corazon de arena in different companies, schools, universities, etc.

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Doctors in the desert

Corazón de arena



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We want our project to be an educational project, that is why we have a tour throughout the national territory to show our work by giving conferences on human values.

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País Vasco




Doctors in the desert


Doctors in the desert is a branch of a sandy heart, a branch that we were forced to create due to the number of sick children with different diseases and infections that we encountered in our first project.

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The result of this project was more than 400 children reviewed and diagnosed, adding about 80 adults from different villages.

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